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EA E3 Press Conference

Electronic Arts (EA) was one of only two game publishers to have a major press conference prior to the opening of E3. They had a number of games from their own development teams as well as those in conjunction with other development companies that they discussed during their presentation.</p>

EA opened with one of the industry’s most popular titles, Mass Effect from Bioware. The latest installment, Mass Effect 3, will release on March 6, 2012. In addition to in-game footage and a live demo, the debuted the first trailer for the game.

Need for Speed The Run, from EA Black Box, will take racers from San Francisco to New York, but it is more than just a car race, as you fight for your very life over every mile. A unique feature of the game, Autolog, is being incorporated into the very story of this installment of the game. Also, not all of the action will be limited to the road, as players will complete some gameplay on foot when they are forced to leave their car.

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