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Ubisoft E3 Press Conference

RThis year, Ubisoft is celebrating their 25th anniversary. They started their E3 press conference with a video montage of various games of all types, highlighting their large library of successful titles.</p>

As part of their anniversary, they are introducing a new version of one of their signature titles with Rayman Origins. Players of the original will want to give this one a look, as well as kids and families. This has a wonderful animated look and feel.

If you like driving games, Driver San Francisco is one of Ubisoft’s upcoming games. The trailer looked nice, and the game will have solo and multiplayer options. Far Cry 3 is scheduled to release in 2012, and the demo showed some good graphics. It is a first person shooter, but be warned that it does have mature language and situations. The Brothers in Arms franchise is also back, with Furious 4. Set in WWII, this game is not like most other games set in that time period. Instead of being serious, it has an irreverent style and seems inspired by “Inglorious Bastards.” It will also release in 2012.

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