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More Information About The Wii U

After their pre-expo press conference, Nintendo representatives said that there would be more announcements coming during last week’s E3, particularly about the Wii U. Some folks were disappointed and even a bit confused after their presentation, but to be honest, I’m not entirely sure that the further information that came later truly made up for a weak initial showing.</p>

Often there is disappointment not in what is being said, but how it is being said, and I think that was much of the problem with Nintendo’s press conference. Even their representatives said during the expo that they could have done better with their initial reveal of the Wii U. The system sounds great, but the presentation left people scratching their heads about even the most basic of details regarding the console. One simple close-up graphic image of both the controller and the unit together would have solved much of this dilemma.

During the expo, more information was released regarding the specs of the Wii U. Now, these could be subject to change, as it will be at least April 2012 (and could be as late as December 2012) before the new system is released. However, as things stand right now, there are some interesting details about the system.

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