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WoWathon For Child's Play

The third annual WoWathon starts this week. What is that you say? A group of World of Warcraft players will be playing a marathon, leveling two new toons non-stop all the way to 85, to raise money for Child’s Play.</p>

Inspired three years ago by a charity Mario Marathon, this group of students and friends from Southern California will once again be playing in shifts and broadcasting their journey as they have fun and share their experiences with others in the hopes of inspiring people to donate to bring a little cheer to hospitalized children. Together, the two previous WoWathons raised almost $14,000, and they hope to make this the best year yet.

This year’s toons will be Chyld and Playy, a druid/hunter combination, and they will be playing on the Lightbringer server. Worgen alliance toons, they will be grouping with friends and others around their same level, in order to maximize their experience gains, and will not be “power-leveled” by upper level toons. However, they do welcome people to interact with them, send messages of encouragement, and the like. You can also watch the marathon and chat with the participants through the Ustream features on their website. They do warn potential viewers and other players that there may be strong language and mature content.

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