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Some Possible New Games For The Wii U

One big question that most folks of course want to know about the Wii U is what games will be released for that system. One major concept is that there will be more third-party games than ever before, as many companies who had thought their games were not a good match for Nintendo platforms are supporting the new system. This will include some games for “hard core” gamers. Still, I was hoping for more specific announcements beyond the presentation video that gave more a general overview. There were some, but this is one case where more would have been better.</p>

There was much buzz surrounding the montage of upcoming Wii U titles that was shown in Nintendo’s pre-expo press conference. While it makes sense that the footage would be from other systems, as these games are still in early development stages, that was not made clear during the event, and that upset quite a few people. One game that surprised some people in on that list was Batman: Arkham City. No details have been released yet, but it will be interesting to see how the new controller is utilized.

One company that is showing major support for the Wii U is Ubisoft. The first Wii U exclusive first person shooter game, Killer Freaks From Outer Space, will come from Ubisoft. This FPS is a sci-fi game featuring aliens trying to destroy the Earth. Players will use jetpacks, energy guns, and other sci-fi weapons. What will make this game special for the Wii U is that the gyroscope in the controller will be used to aim the gun. Also, the second screen will be used in multiplayer mode as a “realtime enemy director.” What this will mean for players is something we will have to experience first hand, but it does sound interesting. Other Ubisoft games for Wii U will include titles from the Assassin’s Creed and Raving Rabbids franchises, as well as Ghost Recon Online.

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